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and other stories by

Frank English

Reviews for 'Jack the Lad'

From Sally, a Leeds lass living in Hull:

"Having just finished the last chapter of 'Jack the Lad', I am wondering how to occupy my evenings! Not many novels hold my short attention span, but this story captured my interest within the first few pages. Underpinned with authenticity, I can honestly say this is a read which encompasses deep emotion from the perspective of a young boy striving to make sense of hardship and loyalty in a less than forgiving generation. Beautifully written, this is a compelling read."

From Philip, a Normanton lad living in Kent:

"Just to say the book was unputdownable. I did feel privileged and a bit of a voyeur since I knew most of the people. In fact, I must be getting old and over emotional because I felt the tears welling at times ... I would put it on the same level as 'Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner' and 'Kestrel for a Knave'. Excellent social history."

From Dorian, a Yorkshire lad living not far from where I was born:

"Bloody great book! Couldn't put it down. Looking forward to the second book coming out at the end of the year."

From Patty, a very good friend living in Oregon, USA:

"I loved the book. Can't wait for the second one to come out. Great job, Frank."

From Julie, a Leeds lass now living in York:

"This is definitely a book to savour. I usually read quite quickly but am taking my time over this one. You are drawn into the plot very quickly, and the author paints a very vivid picture of how life was back in the day. This is the first of many volumes, so I am looking forward to the next. Being a Leeds lass, the dialect was easy to follow, and I am enjoying the journey this book is taking me on. Enjoy!"

From Janet, a Normanton lass now living in Castleford:

"I have just read upto the first 40 pages, and can't wait to read the next 208! ... Loved the book, which took me back to the 50s and evoked many childhood memories. 'A reyt riveting read' as they say in Normy! I couldn't put it down and I'll definitely be reading it again - looking forward to reading 'Jack' next."

From Gay, a very good friend living in Oregon, USA:

"It was an excellent story which I really enjoyed."

From Wendy, a very good friend and colleague who now lives in Rutland:

"I loved 'Jack the Lad' by Frank English. Very emotional because it reminded me of my dad who worked down the pit too. Lots of wonderful descriptions which transported me to those days in Yorkshire. I just couldn't put it down, and can't wait for the next book."

From Steve, a Normanton lad.

"Once I started reading 'Jack the Lad' I couldn't put it down, and I continued until I completed 'Jack'. I thoroughly enjoyed both books.

Drop me a line when the next book is out - a confirmed fan."

From James who lives in Rufford

"I found this to be an immersive and fascinating read. The writer does not bombard the reader with convoluted analysis or description. Instead, this story is set at a comfortable pace and is easily accessible. Within minutes of starting the story, I was enjoying the interactions between the characters and their conversations. It was refreshing to read about people simply living their daily lives from one situation to the next. I didn't have to worry about some overarching plot line or suspenseful ending. The writer skilfully adds depth to the characters, making them feel authentic. Most important of all, I felt that I cared about the characters, and felt a reaction, depending on the situation they were in. This is testament to the skill of the writer. Key to this story is the selection of a child as its main character. The author takes us through a series of set pieces documenting the early years of a boy in a working-class mining town. I felt the concept of a young mind slowly being influenced by those around him really interesting. Even the most routine encounters detailed in the book were clearly having an impact on the child, and helping to form his beliefs and attitudes for the future. This is something we all go through, but to experience it as a spectator I find intriguing. I would certainly recommend 'Jack the Lad'. It is very well written, and benefits from brevity and a clear sense of direction."

From Julie, who lives in Worcestershire

"Absolutely LOVE this book. Gritty reality combines with endearing charm to transport you to 1940s Yorkshire pit life. Jack is so adorable I feel like I actually know him, and am already hoping my grandson will be something like him! I already know I will be turning to it again and again in the future. So hoping there is more of Jack to come in the future.

Buy this book! You will not be disappointed."